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At fifteen Misty Rowe began her career dancing behind Sonny & Cher at the World Famous Hollywood Palladium for the Teenage Fair.

She won an acting scholarship in High School and then studied with Stella Adler for twenty years. During that time she would act, write and direct in over 200 TV shows, five series ,ten movies and thousands of stage performances.
Her first television appearance was on The Artie Johnson Special (Artie was from Laugh-In) where she met Bing Crosby. That led to National commercials for Florida grapefruit, Aurora Toys, Lincoln Mercury Bobcat (which aired during the Superbowl Ads) the Yellow Pages and Rosemilk skin cream. From there she portrayed the dream girl in The Bobby Sherman Special and soon attended The Academy Awards where Charlie Chaplain accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award right after Misty's date Robert Amram received two Oscars for the educational short Sentinels of Silence which was narrated by Orson Wells.

In 1972 Misty auditioned for Hee Haw and would become a regular for nineteen years. She would work with Roy Clark and Buck Owens who were the hosts but also famous guest stars Loretta Lynn, Sammy Davis Jr. Minnie Pearl,Mickey Mantle,Billy Carter (President Jimmy Carter's brother) Ed McMahon,Ray Charles, Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers,Reba McEntire, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.Plus LA Dodger coach Tommy Lasorda ,Willie Nelson,Dolly Parton and everyone from Barbi Benton to Sesame Street's Big Bird, Paul Anka and even Alabama, Ricky Scaggs and Ethel Merman!

During this time Paramount Studio's asked Misty to audition for Happy Days and she spent a year playing Wendy the Carhop. Ron Howard began his directing career on Happy Days and directed Misty in a Presidential Campaign episode entitled The Not Making of a President. Henry Winkler also on Happy Days became famous
for his character of Fonzie.

After HAPPY DAYS Misty became the first actress to portray Marilyn Monroe in a movie and PEOPLE Magazine published a photo of her which Mel Brooks saw. Producer Norman Steinberg called her into Paramount Studios to read for the part of Maid Marion in the cult classic of Mel Brooks 'When Things Were Rotten' TV series. One week she would work with famous comic actors Sid Ceasar and Dick Van Patten and the next week Marty Feldman (comic star of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN) would direct her in an episode call WEDDING BELL BLUES in which she would marry Dudley Moore. It was a very busy time and soon after Misty would make her first Movie for Television and receive a rave review in VARIETY for her portrayal of MISS SST in SST DEATH FLIGHT starring Burgess Meredith ,Loren Greene, Regis Philbin and a then unknown comic Billy Crystal. "I saw Billy a few years later at Universal Studios. He had become very famous by then and yet he walked across the commissary to say hello and shake hands with the people from the YOUNG MAVERICK cast with whom I was working. I never will forget how gracious he was."

After working with Regis and Billy a spin-off of HEE HAW called HEE HAW HONEY'S hit the airways with Misty playing the sister of Kathy Lee Gifford. "Kenny Price and Lulu Roman played our parents and Gailard Sartain from FRIED GREEN TOMATOES and THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY played our brother! Shel Silverstein who had written one of my favorite children's books called THE GIVING TREE picked out a song for me to sing on the show called It Ain't Got No Swallerin' Place. I'm glad he coached me on it because it was the very first time I had ever sung on TV and I was quite nervous. If anyone had told me that the next time I would sing on television would be with John Travolta I would have fainted- but that's just what happened. John was on WELCOME BACK KOTTER and he and I were booked to appear on a Telethon to raise money for a cure for Cerebral Palsy. The show had fantastic singers but people kept calling in saying they would pledge money if I sang! Well, I really was not prepared and when I stepped onstage to sing an old standard YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU... lets just say it was not going too well. Suddenly John came onstage put his arm around my shoulder and started to lead the band and sing with me. Boy did those phones start ringing!" Thank you, John Travolta.

Afterwards Misty flew to France to attend THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAl where her Norma Jean movie was presented. In Monte Carlo she would meet Robin Leech from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Twelve years later Robin would guest star on HEE HAW and send Misty to Quebec to quest star on RUNAWAY WITH THE RICH and FAMOUS. She would stay in a castle and learn how to steer a yacht on the St. Lawrence River!

Before that time however a personal appearance in London to publicise her Marilyn Monroe film led her to meet Sir Elton John. While attending THE TIN PAN ALLEY BALL ,Michael Hewitson (Sir Elton's Butler) asked Misty to join Elton at his table so they could meet. Flashes from cameras went off in a frenzy at the meeting and photo's of  Elton and Misty were seen in the English press. The next day Misty was asked by Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum to pose in Marilyn Monroe's famous dress from the movie THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH. The shooting ran long and Misty was afraid she would be late in attending A CHORUS LINE with Sir Elton's parents which she been invited to.As the clock struck seven Misty ran from the photo session just in time to hop into Elton's Rolls Royce and arrive at the Theater as the musical started.. Afterwards Misty was dropped off at where she was staying, The SELFRIDGE'S HOTEL ,to find two security guards from Llyod's of London waiting. "Miss Rowe, you left with Marilyn's dress". "Oh! I am so sorry" she said. The two guards accepted her apology and escorted her to her room where they waited outside her door until Misty  handed over the infamous garment from the SEVEN YEAR ITCH. "It was a bit like being Cinderella",Misty sighed. "The clock struck twelve and I was all alone in my room without the beautiful dress or the Rolls Royce".

Back home again Misty won the role of Duchess in the 20th Century Fox movie THE MAN WITH BOGART'S FACE. It starred Robert Sacchi (the Bogart look-alike who was in the touring company of Woody Allen's Broadway hit "PLAY IT AGAIN SAM.") Also Franco Nero (from the movie CAMELOT) Olivia Hussey (famous for her role of Juliet in Zifferelli's ROMEO and Juliet) and Michelle Phillips from the Mama's and the Papa's. "Michelle and I flew to France together for the Cannes Film Festival. It was a long flight and she told me about her life . She was especially proud of her young daughter Chynna. Imagine my surprise thirty years later when I turned on my TV to see Chynna Phillips all grown up and competing on Dancing With the Stars!".

Although Misty never considered herself a Star one of the largest poster companies in America did. Taking a photo of her in Hee Haw shorts it was made into a poster with huge success in two ways. "Having a poster was great fun but they were quite cumbersome to carry around so at personal appearances I just had the 8x10 photo sold."
In Kentucky when security learned that Misty was giving a portion of the photo sales to the SAVE the CHILDREN ORGANIZATION they made her an HONORARY KENTUCKY COLONEL. "I really never expected that but it was a moment I will never forget!" The little photo of Misty in her HEE HAW shorts would have special significance twice more in her life.

While being considered for the role of Daisy Mae for a tour of LIL' ABNER the star of the show, Joe Namath, told Misty's agent that his singing coach would have to hear her sing first. "I really did not know what to expect since Iknew nothing about football but everyone I asked told me Joe Namath was a legend. I became nervous while waiting for him to arrive at the audition when suddenly Joe Namath walked into the room wearing blue jeans and a tee shirt with my picture on it! Joe had taken the photo of me wearing my HEE HAW shorts and had it silk screened onto his shirt just to make me feel comfortable. Of course I laughed out loud and it really broke the ice."
The tour of LIL' ABNER was a huge success and PEOPLE MAGAZINE published a full page of Joe and Misty singing on stage. Misty's poster and little HEE HAW shorts retired about ten years ago when they were auctioned off online to raise money for BROADWAY CARES.  "They were my lucky charm for most of my career and I'm glad they could do some good for a great organization like BROADWAY CARES but to tell you the truth they really didn't fit once I became a mom!"

After the tour Misty came home to find a script on her doorstep from Aaron Spelling Productions with an invitation to Guest Star on LOVE BOAT. "It was so great not to have to audition for something that was so much fun." Misty played the sister of Vicki Lawrence (from THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW) and she reunited with Bernie Kopell who had been a cast mate on Mel Brook's WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN. "I loved being on LOVE BOAT and working for Aaron Spelling. His wife Candy Spelling owned a very elegant gift shop in Beverly Hills and every time you appeared on an Aaron Spelling show Candy would have a gift made out of silver delivered to your home with the date of your performance on it. Talk about being gracious. She was amazing!"

Misty was to film a TV Pilot for Aaron Spelling in Hawaii called ALOHA,PARADISE starring Debbie Reynolds and Louis Jordan and once again Vicki Lawrence. The next time she would work for Aaron would be on a two hour LOVE BOAT called COUNTRY MUSIC CRUISE. "You just cannot imagine the big stars they had on that show.
Tanya Tucker and Minnie Pearl, Lulu Roman and Kenny Price were my favorites and I actually got to play Minnie Pearls niece!"

Her gift for comedy led her to win acting roles in movies such as : NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CLASS REUNION with the music of Chuck Berry and MEATBALL'S II with Pee Wee Herman and Richard Mulligan. "I played the girl's Camp Counselor and I found out I loved working with kids".

Back on the HEE HAW set Misty was sad to learn that her friend and acting partner Junior Samples had died. "He was such a sweet innocent man and we had worked together for years on a sketch comedy skit called SAMPLES CAR SALES. I was his mechanic with a big wrench also known as THE BR549 GIRL. I truly missed him. HEE HAW Producer Sam Lovullo decided to try Misty out in her own solo spot and with the talents of writer Barry Adelman and Designer Faye Sloan a witty childlike spot was created called MISTY'S COUNTRY BEDTIME STORIES. " They were fractured fairy tales for sure and I was so blessed to have Barry Adelman write them. Being so talented he of course in time went on to even greater success like being the producer of THE GOLDEN GLOBES in 2010. Children would often come up to me and say"Misty, tell me a Bedtime Story." Because HEE HAW filmed twice a year Misty was able to Guest Star in other TV Shows and movies. Including four FANTASY ISLANDS of which her favorites were starring opposite David Cassidy and being directed in another episode by Ricardo Montaban. Norman Lear's JOE'S WORLD with Christopher Knight and endless Talk Shows. Misty was interviewed by CNN RADIO,TV GUIDE, BIOGRAPHY MAGAZINE,ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and INSIDE EDITION to name a few.

Although Misty admits "I know nothing about sports" she would often work with legends of the sports world. Terry Bradshaw and I met at a CELEBRITY GOLF TOURNAMENT where I was the Hostess and he was very funny. I was on a panel of a Fran Tarkenton Roast to raise money for the Diabetes Foundation.Fran was most famous for playing for the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants.A big surprise was when the Dallas Cowboys actually came to Opening Night of DAMN YANKEES when I played LOLA with Harvey Martin as the devil. We were invited to sing on Home Plate at the TEXAS RANGER STADIUM before the beginning of the game and once I was asked to pitch the first ball to start the season for a baseball team that had something to do with birds."

It was at the height of Misty's career that she had trouble with her throat. "I felt like someone was choking me and it was painful to swallow." A visit to a throat specialist proved the problem to be her thyroid. As surgery was scheduled a friend suggested that Misty have a plastic surgeon open and close. She made an appointment with Dr. Steve Hofflin. He had been Michael Jackson's doctor during his burn repair after the Pepsi commercial incident. "I remember just before my surgery Dr. Hofflin said "Misty,I have a surprise for you. This is Michael. He is going to sing you to sleep." Now I ask you how many people get Michael Jackson to sing WE ARE THE WORLD to them as they fade out to surgery? Afterwards Misty wondered if she would ever sing again. She was invited to portray Minnie Pearl on JOHNNY CASH SPECIAL SALUTE TO COUNTRY WOMEN. That gave her confidence to keep on trying.

Misty Guest Starred on AIRWOLF in which she played two different roles and recorded a Credence Clearwater song "OUT of the SKY'. "Ernest Borgnine was the star of the show along with Jan Michael Vincent. They were both great . It was filmed at Universal Studio's and they actually built me an outdoor stage to sing on. It was right across from the old PSYCHO house and we use to sit there and eat lunch. Ah, Hollywood!"

Soon after Misty met a young actor at Stella Adler's Classes. "His name was James DePaiva and he worked as a waiter until his acting career took off". Take off it did. Six months after James and Misty were married he landed the plum role of Max Holden on ABC'S ONE LIFE TO LIVE . It was a Soap Opera job that would last for 16 years.

During that time Misty would give birth to her only child Dreama DePaiva. They would divorce but Misty would discover that being a mom was the most important calling in the world. "I loved being a mother and I did not want to miss out on all the stages of my daughter's childhood so I simply spent a lot of time with her."  Misty became a Master Storyteller in Greenwich, Ct. for the Kindergarten classes in Glenville Elementary . "Encouraging children to read is a great reward."

After HEE HAW ended Misty became active on stage from performances in ALWAYS ...PATSY CLINE to working with Gabe Kaplan in GROUCHO A LIFE IN REVIEW to having her own show at the CLARIDGE CASINO HOTEL called A MISTY CHRISTMAS...FINALLY A FRUITCAKE YOU"LL LIKE! It starred Misty Rowe & her CHESTNUTS who were a group of comic singers. One Chestnut was actor Peter Dinklage who went on to win the EMMY for GAME OF THRONES and the GOLDEN GLOBE. "Even though our show received rave reviews I am most proud of Peter and how he went on to greatness in his life. I don't run into him often anymore but whenever I see him accept an award I think, Just remember who taught you to tap dance!"

Misty Rowe recently received TV LAND'S ENTERTAINERS AWARD for her 19 years on HEE HAW "It was the highlight of my career to walk down the Red Carpet with my daughter Dreama at my side".

Ten years ago Misty Rowe became a professional Writer and Director but she still finds that working with children is perhaps her favorite profession of all.

MISTY'S MAGICAL MOUNTAINTOP is her dream come true.