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Producer, Photographer, Editor, On-camera Talent, and World Traveler

Born just outside London, England, and raised in Sydney, Australia, Paul has spent his life constantly searching out new challenges and setting off on bold new adventures. Spending the last twenty years living in Florida, Georgia, Taiwan and California has enhanced his world view.

Always the rugged outdoorsman, Paul’s adventures have included memorable experiences while hiking, rappelling, canoeing, spelunking, off-road driving in good old Oz, and while traversing the globe. Be it exploring the back roads and forgotten places of small town America, riding a cargo boat down the Amazon, or backpacking through Europe, Paul draws from a life of new experiences projecting this into his work with the camera.

Possessed of both an extraordinary personal drive to succeed and a singular gift for the creation of ideas, Paul has become a distinctly qualified professional in today’s entertainment industry. In addition, his years of experience in many levels on both sides of the camera have provided him with unique insight.