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This program is designed

for children ages 3-10


will carry you away on adventures that explore

and rediscover the extraordinary within the ordinary."
Katherine Blanc
Award Winning Children's Author

“Misty Rowe has created a wonderful T.V. Show for the children of parents who used to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Captain Kangaroo. She will have the children enchanted.”

Saul Illson     Former Vice President oat NBC of Variety and Comedy.

“ Misty Rowe is The Creator of An Outstanding Children’s Show! What A Creative Mind!  I Would Rate Misty’s Magical Mountaintop A+”

SAM LOVULLO     Producer of HEE! HAW!     22 Years Syndication

"Misty's Magical Mountaintop: Enchanting. Bewitching. A must-see for any child. I'm proud to be a part of this memorable television series." --Noel Blanc, voice artist

Let me introduce myself,I am Jamie Morrow,Early Childhood Specialist/Children's Specialist of Children's and Youth Services for San Bernardino County Library, Big Bear Branch.
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a wonderful grass roots show, "Misty's Magical Mountaintop."

Each time the program draws a large audience of both parents and children(3 through 12 years of age). The program combines lots of lively paced activity and Misty's interaction with the children keep them interested and responsive.

Misty encourages the children to read and write and her true interest in the children is obvious by the response that she receives from them.

I have recommended the Misty's Magical Mountaintop program to lots of other local child-related organizations
and am looking forward to continuing to a long,professional relationship with this healthy, child centered, child caring program.

Very Sincerely Yours,
Jamie Morrow, ECS,
Children's Specialist

Let me introduce myself., I am, Dea Early, an Education Specialist with a Masters Science degree in Curriculum Development and emphasis in Neurological Development. I have been involved with the production of Misty’s Magical Mountaintop, a children’s television show for the past 12 months as an Educational Consultant.

I would like to highly recommend Misty’s Magical Mountaintop for production as an outstanding children’s television program.

The main key point I see as an educator is the way children identify with Misty as an adult role model. We see so many children with dysfunctional adult role models in the home or parents with work schedules that

create voids in children’s developmental time after school. After viewing many of the children’s television shows currently on the networks where the main characters are cartoon animation figures or large animal puppets, it doesn’t allow the children to have an effective adult human role model. I feel that the fun loving, positive role model that Misty brings to the show is very key to children’s development. It has been proven the children grow up modeling adults that they watched as young children.

The second key point is the fast pace of the show. For short attention spans of small children, the shows quick pace keeps them entertained and interested. This has been purposefully designed that the child might not get all the details the first time, but with the way the children love to watch the shows repeatedly that they will eventually receive all the educational details embedded in the context of the show, as in the poetry, colors, rhyming words, creative play, values, word recognition, etc.

The third key point is the filming of children in the community and around the world. Children love watching children. It also takes the children to events that some would never get to attend, such as libraries (with Shuz the Therapeutic Reading Dog), museums, travel, parades, festivals etc. With a population of children that are being raised by working parents that don’t have the time or the resources to get children out to these activities, it broadens children’s experience past the classroom or the animation of television.

Finally the last key point is the role of the puppets. Each puppet brings a special character to the show.

“Bucky Blue, the Book Bird” is smart, shy and kind and is the conscience for kindness. “Miss Happrone” (mishap prone) even though she is an old lady spider creates the mischief for “learning not to bully” lessons. “Purple” and “Blue” the kitchen mitts bring in creative play and consequences of behavior.” Mr. and Mrs. Shoe” are the parents with advice and guidance who also teach lessons. “Creaks and Squeaks “the talking rocking chair are the children on the show and last but not least is Wally the “Magic Wall phone“, fun loving comic and announces our activities for the day.

Each segment of Misty’s Magical Mountaintop is embedded with child developmental skills, values, morals and creative play, with a fun light hearted educational approach. Hopefully you will look into the details of the show and see the educational and role model benefits this show will produce for children.

Thank you for your time.

Dea Early M.S.

Curriculum Specialist and Educational Consultant